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Dynamic Face Terminal


    Temperature measuring function

    Face Capacity:3000

    Log Record Capacity:1,000,000

    Communication:TCP/IP,WIFI,USB PEN DRIVE


Product Feature:   

1、Support Dynamic Face Detection, and Adopting Face Recognition Tracking Algorithm.

2、Fast Face Recognition Speed within 0.2s.

3、Face recognition in Long distance    

4、Support LED and Infrared Fill Light at night

5、Support Live Movement Detection.    

6、Infrared temperature detection sensor.

7、Precisely detect temperature, binocular seizing and live face identification

8、Support USB Flash Driver Download for the excel files of detailed temperature detection record and attendance report

9、Temperature detection distance: 0.5 meter;

10、Detection error is 0.5℃, 

11、Detection  unit : 0.1℃


CPU Processor:4 Core 1.2G



Camera:200WPixel HD Colorful Camera,100W Infrared Camera

Fill Light:Highlight LED Fill Light,Dual Infrared High Power Fill Light

Display Screen:5.0 inch Electronic Capacity Touch Screen

Screen Resolution:854*480

Keypad:Touch Virtual Keypad

User ID Capacity:3000

Face Capacity:3000

User Record Capacity:1,000,000

Communication Method:TCP/IP,WIFI,USB PEN DRIVE

FRR:<= 0.1%

FAR:<= 0.001%

Product Size:154mm*152mm*22mm

Power Supply:DC 12V,2A

Working Temperature:-15℃ to 60℃


Language :Chinese, English and other languages(Customized)

Identification Type:Dynamic Face Recognition, Password, Face Recognition& Password

Face Recognition Mode:1:1, 1:N

Identification Display:Person Name& Number

Face Recognition Time:Less than 0.2s

Intelligent Function:Infrared Live Person Identification Detection

Face Recognition Distance:

Purely Dynamic Face Recognition:0.5-3m

Infrared Live movement detection:0.5-1.5m

Interface Specification:Door Sensor,1 set Alarm output,1 setRelay output,

1 set RS-232 output,1 set RS-485 output, 1 set U-Disk output, 1 set Exit Switch

Wiegand Input:1 set WG26/34 Input

Wiegand Output:1 set WG26/34 Output

Temperature Detection  Specification

Temperature detection distance: <=0.5 meter

Detection error:0.5℃

Detection  unit :0.1℃

Sensor:Infrared temperature detection sensor

Temperature detection record:Support USB Flash Driver Download for the excel files of detailed temperature detection record

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